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Folding Bag / Large Felt Bag / Felt Storage Box
- Large tote bag, about 11 inches (28cm) cubic form 
- Made of 3mm-thick, durable *industrial wool felt
- Can be folded into square shape with height 2 inches (5cm)
- Stands itself as a storage box
- Light weight: 1,8 lbs (0,8kg)

Many ways to use:
Diaper bag, shopping tote, travel bag, storage basket, toy storage, picnic bag

****The design story:
Why folding? - maybe because I am a Japanese:). I think that a product had better be compact to fit in a limited space, and also had better have 2 or more functions so that you don't need every single product for each purpose - so does this product: a bag and a storing box.

Starting from the theme of "folding", I made several paper models at first - like "origami" and "furoshiki" (a complete square cloth to wrap and carry things), by folding and unfolding, repeatedly in many ways. Finally I found the way: turning over. The diagonal cutting lines of the bag are necessary to fold, and by turning over the bag, it gets tension to stand and open.

****Specification of design and materials:
- The handles are double layered and connected with body by metal fittings.
- Designing, cutting are done by me in my studio and sewing is done by Maarit of MEB-Design in Rovaniemi, Finland.
- The industrial felt is made and imported from Germany.

- Spot clean, hand-wash only in sopy warm water (under 30ºC). Not machine washable. 
- The felt will be worn and pill same as wool sweater over time. You can "shave" its surface by a sharp razor then it will become like new.
- Be careful with your fingernails when you turn over / flip the bag as the felt is thick and relatively hard to handle.


Shipping out in 1-3 business days.

****Packing materials:
All items from Aika Felt Works are carefully packaged in new materials. I will ship this item in a cardboard box or corrugated paper.

W11,81 x D11,81 x H11,02 inches / W30 x D30 x H28 cm 
weight: 1,8 lbs / 0,8kg.

*Industrial wool felt
Industrial wool felt is a non-woven cloth that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing woolen fibers by machines. The surface is smooth, soft and comfortable, and the structure is dense and strong. Wool felt is an eco-friendly, biodegradable, natural material.

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