Navy Blue Bird Bag

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Navy Blue Bird Bag
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This bird silhouetted bag is one of collaboration works with Japanese illustrator, Toshiyuki Fukuda
- The body (not including the handle) size: height 16" x width 13" x gusset 4-1/2" (40.5cm x  33cm x 11.5cm) 
- The genuine leather handle is enough to be hooked on one's shoulder
- Made of beautiful navy blue felt
- The "eyes" are wood buttons
- 2 outer pockets
- Magnetic closure attached

****The design story

One winter Toshiyuki visited my studio in Rovaniemi for writing his book and we hit it off well each other to start making new products. He has own textile brand, Tenp where he is creating unique textile works with artisans employing their experiences, skills and regional traditions, and this bag is now one of the collection.

Toshiyuki had the bird theme since the beginning and I tried to simplify, abstract, and make it practical as a felt bag. Working with him was very inspiring as I have never imagined to employ such KAWAII theme... the bird! It wouldn't come out from me alone :). I made 3 types of prototypes from Toshiyuki's 5 idea sketches and 2 of them were completed!

****Specifications of design and materials:

- Made of 3mm-thick 100% wool *industrial felt from Germany. 
- The leather handle: length 15-1/2" x width 3/4"  (39cm x 2cm) .
- Metal fittings color: antique gold
- Weight: 0.77 lbs (0.35kg).

****Packing materials:

All items from Aika Felt Works are carefully packaged in new materials. Wrapped like the last image.


Spot clean only. Not machine washable. (The felt will shrink and you'll have a smaller bag.) 

*Industrial wool felt
Industrial wool felt is a non-woven cloth that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing woolen fibers by machines. The surface is smooth, soft and comfortable, and the structure is dense and strong. Wool felt is an eco-friendly, biodegradable, natural material.

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