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Shoulder Laptop Bag 

Professional outlook with a gorgeous liner, easy and fast access to your devices with multiple pockets - ultimate felt laptop/work bag designed with a customer focusing on high usability!

Outer pocket:
- an outer pocket with a zipper closure
Inner pockets: 
- a padded laptop compartment and a lid with a magnetic closure (can hold MacBook Pro 15 inches)
- 2 general pockets (1 of them can hold iPad mini 4)
- 3 smaller pockets (1 of them can hold iPhone 7)
Key ring:
- 1 metal ring for attaching keys

BODY: Wool 100% felt 
LINER: Cotton 100% fabric 
ZIPPER: Biodegradable zipper fabric

Weighing just 1.80lbs, 820g
Wool 100% felt gives natural and soft touch

A smooth zipper enclosure for the main compartment
Wool felt absorbs impact to protect your laptop
Wool felt provides heat-retaining ability to protect your devises from cold/hot conditions

****The design story

It all began with a message from Kate …

There are countless workbags out there, but she did not find one that fulfills her needs. I decided to make a new workbag only for her, which maybe mass-producers think it insignificant as a business. But yet, I have anticipation that this way, designing something for someone special without averaging any elements, can lead me to my niche, to my customers.

The designing process took more than a year, going back and forth sending over 50 messages between I in Finland and Kate in Australia to complete. And now, this project continues to see how my anticipation comes out. I hope I could reach you who have been looking for this workbag!

****Specifications of design and materials:

- Dimensions: 
Width 19-3/4 inches (50cm)
Height 13 inches (33cm)
Gusset of the bag 4-1/4 inches (11cm)
Length of handle strap 25-1/4 inches (64cm)

- Weight: 
1.80lbs, 820g

BODY: 3mm-thick 100% wool *industrial felt from Italy
LINER: Cotton 100%. This cotton fabric is available in limited number. If you like this particular cotton fabric, do not miss it!
ZIPPER: Biodegradable zipper fabric, metal parts

****Packing materials:
All items from Aika Felt Works are carefully packaged in new materials. This item is hipped in a cardboard box.

- Spot clean only using a towel with a soapy water (under 30ºC). Not machine washable. 
- The felt will get lint balls same as a wool sweater over time depending on how it is handled. But you can cut them off by a sharp razor or a lint remover then it will become like new.

*Industrial wool felt
Industrial wool felt is a non-woven cloth that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing woolen fibers by machines. The surface is smooth, soft and comfortable, and the structure is dense and strong. Wool felt is an eco-friendly, biodegradable, natural material.

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