Osampo bag

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Osampo bag
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- Small hand bag /pouch / wristlet / purse, to carry minimum things that you need: a wallet, a cellular phone, keys, to go for a short trip
- Stands itself when the bottom is unfolded
- The body (not including the handle) size: height 7.5" x width 7.9" (19cm x 20cm)
- The handle is enough big to be looped through the arm, but not to be hooked on one's shoulder

"Osampo" means walk and stroll in Japanese. As a second bag for a trip, for a lunch break at work, for walking your dog, put in just what you need and go!

The design story
When I'm back in Japan at my parents' home for holidays, we buy tour packages and go traveling together. Often times we travel by a chartered bus, and take a rest on the way to our destination. You can get out of the bus to see souvenir shops or to a rest room during the break. You don't need to take your big backpack or travel bag for this short break, but you may want to take such as your wallet, camera and mobile phone, minimum things that you need. I wondered if I could make a small bag for this kind of situations.

Specification of design and materials

  • Made of 2 parts of felt, body and bottom, and sewn by industrial sewing machine firmly.
  • Made of 3mm-thick 100% wool industrial felt.
  • The bottom can be unfolded making more space up to depth 10cm / 3.9".
  • The length of the handle loop is about 22cm / 4.35".
  • Cutting and sewing is done by professional sewer in Rovaniemi, Finland.

►Available in 4 colors: Natural dark grey, Natural brown, Red and Apple green.
Natural dark grey is mixed with grey wool fiber in many shades, and very tiny wood chips are also visible.
Natural brown is mixed with white to brown wool fiber whose texture is rougher than other felt.

Care Instruction
Spot clean, hand-wash only in sopy warm water (under 30ºC). Not machine washable. (The felt will shrink and you'll have a smaller bag.)
The felt will be worn and pill same as wool sweater over time. You can "shave" its surface by a sharp razor then it will become like new.

Industrial wool felt
Industrial wool felt is a non-woven cloth that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing woolen fibers by machines under high temperature and pressure. The surface is smooth, soft and comfortable, and the structure is dense and strong. Wool felt is an eco-friendly, natural material.

Gift wrapping
Choose free gift wrapping option for a gift giving to yourself or someone you love.

A paper tag is around the body and will be shipped in s postal paper bag.

H31 x W20 x D10 cm / H12.2 x W7.9 x D3.9 in.
Weight: 0.2kg / 0.4 lbs.

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