Wool Felt Tote Bag

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Wool Felt Tote Bag
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Minimal yet cute handbag made of 100% wool felt.  The body is in red or natural light brown, handles are in oatmeal colour, the bottom is in natural dark grey/charcoal. 
I designed a lunch bag with water-resistant inner bag and this bag is the same design WITHOUT the inner bag. If you are carrying a lunch box with no fear of soup leakage, you can use this bag as a lunch bag, too!

- 2 inner pockets can organaize your small articles like a smartphone, a card or coin case and keys
- Smooth zipper closure
- Wool's high insulation performance keeps the contents cold / hot for long time
- Flat on the bottom so that you can keep food upright, or you can use this bag as a camera bag, too
- Can hold a lunch box and  500ml pet bottle / thermos

- The body size: height 9", bottom 9.4" x 6.3", width 14.2", handle loop 11.4" 
(height 23cm, bottom 24cm x 16,5cm, width 36cm, handle loop 29cm)
- The handle is enough big to be looped through the arm, but not to be hooked on one's shoulder
- Total weight: 0.75 lbs (0.34kg).

** This listing is for 1 bag.

****The design story:

In Japanese cuisine, we have a style of food called bento, which is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal. Some years ago, one of my Japanese friends suggested me to design a lunch bag using wool felt, because of the wool's high insulating quality. She said that due to the long-lasting bad economy and the stream of concerning about health, people in Japan have been enjoying cooking at home, and home-packed bento lunch had been booming even among businessmen. That was the trigger of designing this bag.

This bag is WITHOUT the inner bag for those who don't need to carry their bento. Read my trial-and-error prototyping story on my blog

****Specifications of materials and care instruction:
- made of 3mm-thick 100% wool *industrial felt produced in Germany by hydroelectric power
- Spot clean only. Not machine washable. (The felt will shrink and you'll have a smaller bag.) 
- Zipper is biodegradable (except for the metal parts).

- This bag will be shipped in a postal paper bag.

****Packing materials:
All items from Aika Felt Works are carefully packaged in new materials. 
Free gift-wrapping is available.

*Industrial wool felt
Industrial wool felt is a non-woven cloth that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing woolen fibers by machines. The surface is smooth, soft and comfortable, and the structure is dense and strong. Wool felt is an eco-friendly, biodegradable, natural material.

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