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M size, Custom-made Storage Basket
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### You can order MEDIUM SIZE (Width + Depth + Height = up to 38" / 97cm) custom-made basket from this listing.###

I can make wool felt basket(s) with the dimensions you need!
Each basket is made manually by hand absolutely for you, using high quality 100% wool felt.

This is an alternate storage basket for you who care about design, who don't wish to settle and who are willing to invest in items that can be integrated into your life/home instead of covered or hid.

/// HOW IT GOES ///

1. Please specify the dimensions (Width, Depth, Height) of your basket using a ruler.
2. Add up each number (Width + Depth + Height) to get the sum. This sum determines the size.
3. Find out which size your basket falls under in the list below and click it. 
4. Choose the color and the quantity of the basket, and proceed to check-out.

5. !!  IMPORTANT !!
Remember to write
 following information during the check-out, in the "Add Comments About Your Order" field:
- the DIMENSIONS and a SIZING SCALE (e.g. Width 9", Depth 13", Height 8")
- the SIDE OF THE HANDLE CUTOUTS you want (e.g. W9" sides)

6 When your order is completed, I will send a message to you to reconfirm the dimensions with a drawing attached in 2 business days.
7. I will send you updates of work in progress with progress photos.
8. You will be informed when your order is ready to ship. I will dispatch a parcel on an agreed shipping date.

S-size 〜32" / 〜81cm 
M-size 〜38" / 〜97cm
L-size 〜44" / 〜112cm
XL-size 〜50" / 〜127cm
XXL-size 〜56" / 〜142cm
XXXL-size 〜62" / 〜157cm
For example, if you would like a basket with dimensions like:
Width 9", Depth 13", Height 8"
then you add up the numbers and get the sum:

30" is below 32" >>> this basket is S-size.

You can order up to:
- 10 identical baskets (1 basket 〜 set of 10 baskets) in S, M, L, XL sizes. 
- 8 identical baskets (1 basket 〜 set of 8 baskets) in XXL size. 
- 6 identical baskets (1 basket 〜 set of 6 baskets) in XXXL size. 

If you need baskets that are not identical in dimensions, please order separately for each basket.
I will combine shipping and refund the shipping overages.

- This item is made-to-order and I can’t accept cancelling/returning/refunding the item.

****Specifications of design and materials:
- Handle cutouts on long or short sides 
- The top part (above the handles) and the bottom is double layered and 0.16in-0.24in/4mm-6mm -thick plywood is inserted in between for reinforcement
- The felt is 0.12in / 3mm-thick, biodegradable wool 100% industrial felt
- The felt is made in Germany by using only hydraulic power

****Packing materials:
- I will ship this item wrapped with paper and packed with plastic sheet or in a corrugated box.

- I will ship this item as PRIORITY PARCEL with tracking service.
US, Canada, Australia, Japan - takes 6 - 9 business days to arrive.
EU countries -  takes 4 - 6 business days to arrive
- I will ship this item being folded. Please steam iron with middle temperature to smooth out the creases.

Spot clean only. Not machine washable. 

****Industrial wool felt:
Industrial wool felt is a non-woven cloth that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing woolen fibers by machines under high temperature and pressure. The surface is smooth, soft and comfortable, and the structure is dense and strong. Wool felt is an eco-friendly, biodegradable, natural material.

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