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It feels sturdy enough for our 2 yr old to drag around

" It’s thicker than I thought. Nice! I get my money’s worth :) and It feels sturdy enough for our 2 yr old to drag around without items falling out too easily. The handle reinforcements are a well thought out detail and very smooth implementation too. "
S, Finland

The coasters go well with Japanese style, too

" The coasters go well not only with Scandinavian natural style, but also with Japanese style! Another good thing is that you can enjoy the color without caring the seasons! "
yama, Japan

Warm, high quality item

" I bought Osampo bag after watching a TV proglam in Japan. I use this bag when I go shopping, or just go out with putting my wallet, mobile phone and a novel. I'm often asked where I bought this bag by clerks at stores. I think this bag's design is so simple and lovely♫ "
mota, Japan

Cottage bags work perfectly for our laundry

" I love them so much! My kids each use them to haul laundry to the laundry room, and then I fill them up with clean clothes for them to put away. They work perfectly for our purposes. Great work and beautiful design! Thanks! "
sweetssether, US, purchased from Etsy shop
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