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Because products of Aika Felt Works are handmade, it's possible to customize, such as changing size of bags, and hand-printing on coasters.

"Can you make a bigger OSAMPO bag as a knitting bag for me?"
The bags avobe were created by a request from my customer who bought OSAMPO bag and liked it. I made 4 types of design because I wanted to develop middle-sized bags at that time, and she chose 2 of them in 3 colors.

"I would like to ask to print my company logo on your products and use them as business gifts. Is it possible?"
From this inquiry I made the coasters with logo by screen-printing below. Handmade felt products with your logo can give your partners an ecological perspective of your company.

I will start making a screen for printing from your graphic data (jpeg, esp, psd, or pdf format). Plsease ask more information such as minimum quantity of order and costs from contact page.

In addition, I am making custom-made slippers just for your size if you don't find your size in basic 3 sizes. Extra insoles are included! Check here >> if you are interested in.

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