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about Aika Felt WorksAika Felt Works
Aika Felt Works is a design and craft firm in Finland specialized in felt products founded by Japanese designer, Aika Urata.

My carrier
I started working as an assistant furniture designer in Osaka in 1997 after graduation from Kyoto City University of Arts. With some years' experiences of design work, I moved to Rovaniemi, Finland in 2001 for studying in the University of Lapland, where I met Finnish traditional craft material - wool felt. A diversity of the material captured me deeply enough to determine my direction, and I founded Aika Felt Works in 2005 in Rovaniemi. My works are sold in design and lifestyle shops mainly in Finland and Japan.

Wool Felt
Wool felt is made of fiber of sheep, fulled with warm water and soap. Without any harmful materials, you can make a sheet of cloth by hand. As it is said that wool felt is the oldest cloth made by human being, it has long history and it's sustainable and ecological.
I like very much the moment when I put the first drop of water to wool fiber, and I still feel it's so magical that fiber becomes to a sheet of cloth only by fulling. Working itself is laborious and takes time, but feeling in my hands is pleasing.

Industrial Wool Felt
I use also industrial felt made of 100% wool. This is stronger than hand-felted wool and has also lovely and fine touch. I use these 2 types of felt for the right purposes. Cutting the thick industrial felt is hard, but I enjoy sewing it with my powerful industrial sewing machine.

My Design
My attitude of design is to make functional products by learning the nature of the material. You see my answers how I have understood the material in my production.
Customers' feedbacks are also extremely important for developing my design.
I admire my old boss who was still modifying his lamp better after 20 years since it was made. I would like to follow his attitude.
I believe I have a lot of influence from my homeland of Japan on my design and I would likt to do so, even I live in Finland and use Finnish traditional material.

Products are made one by one carefully by me and by creators cooperating with me in Finland. All the products have the warmth of hand felting, sewing, knitting or printing in their production process.

My surroundings
Rovaniemi, where I live and work, is a small city in North Finland near the Arctic Circle. During winter, which is almost half a year, the city is frozen covered with white snow, that can simplify and smooth forms of the world, and reflect more shades of colors. This surrounding awakes my sense, and extreme coldness makes distance from many things, which somehow foster my concentration on creation.

Company Information
Aika Felt Works
Designer: Aika Urata
E-mail address: please use this form to send me messages >>
Postal address: Jokiväylä 36 A7, 96300 Rovaniemi Finland
Finnish corporate registry information:
Register number: 1998194-5
VAT number: FI19981945

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