Privacy Policy

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Privacy policy

Aika Felt Works will not submit any information supplied by the customers to third parties. Aika Felt Works only demands the customers information essential to ordering of and billing for Aika Felt Works' products. E-mail addresses and phone numbers are required to confirm the orders and contacting the customer in case of possible problem situations. Other information will be used for future product development.


Like many other websites, also uses cookies. Cookies are small strings of text that a website can send to your browser. Cookies enable website to remeber your browser and its settings when you return to the website and hence enables Aika Felt Works Webshop to provide you with better personalized service.

Cookies do not retrieve any other information from your computer, pass on viruses or capture your e-mail address.

To use Aika Felt Works Webshop efficiently, you have to accept cookies. Normally browsers are set to accept cookies. If your browser doesn´t accept cookies you can easily change the settings in your browser´s preferences.


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