Sowing Spring

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Last Thursday, we were in our family cottage in Koivu, 46km southwest from Rovaniemi, It was windy but very sunny day, that all the things looked shining. I love this season the most, feeling of starting, with light green leaves come and the landscape changes in very short time. My father-in-law has cultivated a small patch of the land and sown seeds of carrot, turnip, dill, lettuce and seed potatoes and more vegetables. Every year he sow something new that he hasn't raised before. Last year it was garlic :).

Bird Cherry and Horsetail are plants that remind me of Japanese spring. Japanese cherry trees don't have strong smelling so much but this Bird Cherry's fragrance is wonderful! It comes with wind, and I notice that spring has come to Lapland. Do you eat Horsetail? In Japan, we do. But I haven't cooked actually. I have memories gathering them with my mother. My sweet memory.

Do you have particular plants that recall your memories?

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