Designing the Lunch bag with Water-resistant Inner Bag has completed!

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Hello people! I am so glad to show final version of my Lunch bag with Water-resistant Inner Bag today. It was a long way if I look back over my designing process to get here.

The biggest challenge was to prevent this felt lunch bag from having stains. There could be 2 ways: one was to make a removable, waterproof and washable inner bag, and the other was to make the felt bag itself waterproof.

I bought waterproof cloths from local shops, and tested their quality by using soy sauce and ketchup pressing on them. And I found that the permeation of the stain was not avoidable with nylon cloth and cloth with water-repellent process. Only laminated cloth did not permeate the stain.

Then I found a laminating sheet that I could make my favorite textile waterproof to be used as an inner bag, or make the felt itself waterproof. But unfortunately, the texture of the laminating sheet was too hard and it ruined the natural touch of the textiles.

I also tested putting waterproofing splay, acrylic medium and varnish on the felt. All of them didn't bring favorable results.

So, finally I decided to use laminated or oil canvas that is available from the market to make a removable, machine-washable, and waterproof inner bag, instead of trying to make the surface of the felt or canvas waterproof.

Here is the final version! Red and Light brown are available.
(If you rather like the bag without the inner bag, it is also available here.)

Lunch bag with water-resistant inner bag by Aika Felt Works

Lunch bag with water-resistant inner bag in Light Brown by Aika Felt Works


Lunch bag with water-resistant inner bag by Aika Felt Works

Lunch bag with water-resistant inner bag by Aika Felt Works

Lunch bag with water-resistant inner bag by Aika Felt Works

Speck of the Lunch bag with Water-resistant Inner Bag:

- Wool felt lunch bag with removable, waterproof, machine washable inner bag
- Wool's high insulation performance keeps your food cold / hot for long time
- Flat on the bottom to keep food upright
- can hold a lunch box and a 500ml pet bottle / thermos
- 2 inner pockets can organize your small articles like a smartphone, a card or coin case and keys
- smooth zipper closure

- The body size: height 9", bottom 9.4" x 6.3", width 14.2", handle loop 11.4"
(height 23cm, bottom 24cm x 16,5cm, width 36cm, handle loop 29cm)
- The handle is in oatmeal color, and it is enough big to be looped through the arm, but not to be hooked on one's shoulder
- The bottom is in natural dark gray / charcoal gray
- Total weight: 0.75 lbs (0.34kg).

Materials and care instruction

The body of the lunch bag:
- made of 3mm-thick 100% wool industrial felt produced in Germany by hydroelectric power
- Zipper is biodegradable (except for the metal parts).
- Spot clean only. Not machine washable. (The felt will shrink and you'll have a smaller bag.)

The Inner bag
- made of PVC coated cotton.
- water-resistant, removable, machine washable under 40°C.
- textile design: "Coronna" by Aini Vaari for Finlayson in 1958.

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