4th Prototype of a Lunch Bag with Laminated Felt

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Designing a felt lunch bag is in progress. And today, I will show you the 4th prototype without a laminated bag-in-bag. Instead laminating is processed directly on FELT so that the bag-in-bag is not needed any more.

Laminated felt. Water proof test.

Laminated felt, sewing test

The picture left: Felt is laminated, and now water proof. The picture right: sewing test, and it works fine!

Laminated felt, sewing test as laminated sheet being on the bottom

Sewing test with paper on the bottom of the laminated felt

Sewing test with paper on the bottom of laminated felt, paper was taken off

Sewing test of laminated felt, water proof test

But when I sew felt with the laminated side down, laminated sheet was damaged by a sewing machine, as shown on the 1st picture above. In this case paper can be attached on the bottom to protect the sheet, and taken it off after being sewn. The result was fine, although it was taking so much time to clear the paper. Water didn’t go through the stitches.

I went on sewing the body, and faced a problem. In the process of making a body of the lunch bag, I must flip over the felt with bending and pulling that caused the laminating sheet’s peeling off and being damaged.

felt lunch bag prototype, laminated sheet being damaged 1

lunch bag prototyping, laminated sheet damaged 2

lunch bag prototyping, laminated sheet being damaged 3

I ironed a damaged part again and the surface was recovered, but this way can’t work for a final product. No.

Anyways, I made this prototype with a middle size compared with previous 2 models and I think this proportion is nice. And I changed the design of a fastener’s pulling part from circle to rectangle. Does this bag still look feminine?

felt lunch bag prototyping, size comparison

felt lunch bag prototyping, size comparison 2

felt lunch bag 4th prototype

felt lunch bag 4th prototype, fastener's pulling part

Well, well… not so easy :). This prototype taught me that the lunch bag needs a laminated bag-in-bag. Next prototype will be closer to the final product..? To be continued.

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