Laminated Bag-in-bag for a Lunch Bag

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Designing a lunch bag is in progress. This time, I made a laminated bag-in-bag of the lunch bag which will prevent a stain from going through the felt because felt is not machine washable. In the previous post I showed lovely cloths which I am thinking to use for the bag-in-bag designed by Japanese and Finnish designers, and now I am using the textile designed by Saana ja Olli from Finland.

Iron-on-vinyl and the cloth are cut and ironed! The picture right is after ironing. It seems good. 

Now the bag-in-bag is set. It’s a pity that lovely pattern is visible only from outside slightly, and a user can’t really see the pattern when it’s opened. I should have used the printed side inside, and changed the side around the opening part. And another thing.. the laminated cloth feels uncomfortable to touch. This cloth is 100% linen and the laminating ended up with spoiling its natural feel. It feels like very thick oven paper.

Now, opening part is linen without laminating, and bottom part is laminated where you can see the pattern inside. It feels good!

Lunch box is in. There is a pocket inside which can contain mobile phone.

Because the capacity of the bag wasn’t enough with the last model, I made the height of the bag bigger this time. Then I feel it’s too high ;). Next model’s size will be in between.

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