These Lovely Cloths! Bag-in-bag of a Lunch Bag

Today, I want to show you the cloths that I am thinking to use as a bag-in-bag of a lunch bag. One is from Finland, and the other is from Japan.

First, “Yö metsässä” designed by Saana ja Olli.
Saana ja Olli is a design unit based in Turku, and I met them at “HIRAMEKI DESIGN x FINLAND” which I also participated in 2010 at the design center OZONE in Tokyo.

Many of their designs are inspired by Scandinavian classical patterns of embroidery and knitting, whose motifs are animals and plants, and their designs remind me handwork itself. So I am fascinated heartily when I see their works with smile. Especially this work’s motifs are like squirrel, reindeer, bear and fish which live in Finnish forests, lakes and marches that it truly express “the night in the forest” same as the title, and the patterns look like outlines of cross-stitches.

designing a lunch bag - inner bag's textile

Hemp 100%, printed in Finland. This black print on white hemp seems to suit the red bag.

Yö metsässä - design by Saana ja Olli

The problem is that there are big patterns that cannot be seen very much because only a small part of the cloth will be visible from the lunch bag.

textile design by Saana ja Olli, Yö metsässä, white on natural hemp

This light brown felt may go well with the white print on unbleached hemp.

Saana ja Olli - Yö metsässä white and natural brown

It’s so cute! Look, there are 4 kinds of reindeer!

And then, the second designer from Tokyo. I want to show the cloth of an animal pattern by Kakapo.
Yoko is a co-founder and the designer of Kakapo, who is my old friend since after high school. She had been working for her clients as a textile designer, but she and her business partner have started to make textiles for themselves and tailored shirts. These shirts can be worn either casual or formal occasions and can be last in any fashion style. They have been successfully having limited period shops in Japan. I think their design is natural and clear without strain.

textile design by kakapo - yellow monkeys

Do you realize that monkeys are walking along the stripes? it’s still cool not just lovely even though it’s animal pattern!

felt lunch bag with textile by kakapo

Isn’t the yellow beautiful and clear with the natural color of felt? And I think the grey in the stripes matches with the color of felt. What do you think?


And this is a funny design that has spots like blotting on stripes. After doing a lot of quality test on stain, am I kind of choosing the design expressing “blotting”? :)

brown felt lunch bag with textile by kakapo

Well, I am more attracted by the monkey stripes pattern.

Although I recognized that laminating directly on felt could get rid of the bag-in-bag, I am still making a prototype with laminated bag-in-bag. I am thinking to ask you which you like, the lunch bag with laminated bag-in-bag, or laminated felt lunch bag, on Facebook to refer which one I should choose for production.

Next time, I will show the prototype with laminated bag-in-bag.

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