The Third Prototype of a Lunch Bag


Designing of a lunch bag by wool felt is in progress. In the last post, I figured out that I could use laminating sheet on a bag-in-bag of a lunch bag to protect the wool felt from stain.

Now I want to show you the third prototype of a lunch bag which I missed to share with you for a long time because of the quality tests of the clothes for the bag-in-bag.


Bag-in-bag: it’s a pouch closing by cords gathering the top opening part.


It can contain a lunch box and a thermos (500ml).


The opening is gathered and closed. The width was a bit shorter than it should have been…


The cords were knotted. I think this looks messy…


The bag-in-bag can be taken off. Machine wash is not good if it’s laminated, but you can wipe off the stain.


It’s connected by snap buttons with the bag.


The design of the bag-in-bag’s cloth looks better if I fold it to close.


In addition, if I choose to put laminate, it’s impossible to gather the opening. So, shall I go on “folding” the opening of the bag-in-bag?

The second prototype (photo: right) was designed that you could take off the inner bag and use it as an Eco-bag. But I found that this idea didn’t work while I was using this bag as my lunch bag during this winter. Because you have to take everything off from the bag to take off the Eco-bag… You are not able to do that outside especially when you are shopping ;). If you want to use an Eco-bag, it should be folded small and come out easily from your bag. So..,. I have to get rid of the idea of the Eco-bag version of inner bag.

And another remark of using the prototype was that the size is a bit small. If I use a lunch bag, probably I want to put my wallet and calendar as well while I eat my lunch in a different room away from my desk. Then the bag becomes full or even I can’t close the zipper. So it needs to be taller. So I am planning to make the next prototype with bigger size.

Next time, I will show you really nice textile designs for the bag-in-bag from 2 designers from Japan and Finland.

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