Peggy’s Knitting Bag

“I’m wondering if you have made (or could) a little larger version of Osampo bag?”
It was 28th November 2011 when I got a message from Peggy living in Utah, the United States. It was some time after I sent her Osampo bag that I got the order through my Etsy shop. This was the beginning of designing “Osampo sister bag” that involved her in its prototyping process.

What she wanted was a knitting bag, which you could put a ball of yarn, knitting needles, a copy of knitting instruction, small scissors and so forth, and take the bag with you for commuting and traveling not only for being at home. So the bag can be put in a larger bag as well.

Peggy had a specific image of the knitting bag that she wanted. She suggested about 25% larger bag than Osampo bag whose thickness of the felt might be thicker, or double layered handle part.

And in fact, I had made a paper model of a knitting bag which looked like a basket some years earlier. So I asked Peggy that I would like to develop and complete the design of a knitting bag with her help. And since then, after 2 and half months with exchanging over 40 messages online, Peggy’s knitting bags were completed and arrived at her place.

Paper models of knitting bag.

I made 4 different types and 1 modified version of one of them. First I drew cutting lines on copy paper and cut them and sewed by my sewing machine.

Osampo sister. Paper model of knitting bag.

I made the 1st model according to Peggy’s suggestion. I modified handle part because its proportion was a bit strange when it was just enlarged to 125%.

Idea of a knitting bag. Like a boat.

The 2nd model was the one that I was thinking to make as a knitting bag earlier. It looks like a boat with a handle.

Idea of a knitting bag. Ordinary shoulder bag.

The 3rd model was a normal shoulder bag. I thought it would be nicer to be used as another purpose also other than just a knitting bag. Since I didn’t have a handy shoulder bag in my collection then, I wanted to make one as well.

Idea of a knitting bag. Modified version of the 3rd bag.

After looking at the 3rd model for a while, I got the 4th model’s idea. Handles position moved to both sides which made this bag a bit more unique than the 3rd one, I think.

Idea of a knitting bag. Modified version of the 4th bag.

It might be hard to tell just seeing this photo, but this is the 5th model that was modified from the 4th one, simplifying the handle from 2 handles to 1 handle.

Knitting bag prototypes. Comparison of the forms and sizes.

Comparing all the models except for the 4th model. The right one is the Osampo bag.

I sent the photos of paper models and waited for hearing from Peggy. After all, she liked the large version of Osampo bag the most :). She chose the 1st and the 3rd model to be made by felt. I sent felt samples for her to choose the color. Ok, then, we went on making Peggy’s knitting bags!

Knitting bags and a shoulder bag for Peggy.

Peggy chose 3 colors, orange, natural light brown, natural light grey. Beautiful harmony, isn’t it?

I’ve got a feeling that the larger Osampo bag could be in my product line after making the final products. And the shoulder bag in the middle… was so difficult to make!! It’s such an ordinary design, but sewing the handle with body was technically hard because of the total thickness of the felt. I put a body part between two pieces of handles and sewed them together, but they were moved off slightly by the pressure of a sewing machine each time. So finally I glued them all before sewing which solved the problem, but it took a lot of time. So I must find out better design for the 3rd model.


Knitting bag details

The difference of design between Osampo bag and larger Osampo bag is the handle part. It’s reinforced by double layers of felt.

The knitting bags that were developed with Peggy went over the Ocean to Utah by the international mail. Peggy, who cherishes craftsmanship and purchases many handmade items, seemed to have had fun with the design process with me.

I asked her to photograph the knitting bags at her home. Then, wow! What a nice room she has! Look at the wooden rocking chair, the tree decorated with red birds! The knitting bags have arrived to the owner of such a nice room. And I was glad to find the grey Osampo bag that Peggy previously ordered, on the chair together with her knitting bags.

Peggy's chair and Osampo sisters bags

She keeps the tree (left) up all year, and changes the decorations for the season. This time was for Valentine’s red decoration. The rocking chair is made of cherry. Cherry is strong tree against bending.

And then, this beautiful card ….

Valentine's day card from Peggy

Valentine’s day card arrived to Finland from Peggy! I was so happy to see her hand-written words on the card, “from your friend in the USA!”. Oh my dear..

I have been missing the timing to put the “larger Osampo bag“, knitting bag on sale because my busiest parenting time was on going at the same time, but I got exactly the same request from another person and she also chose and bought the “larger Osampo bags” as her knitting bags the other day. It’s already spring, but now, it’s the time to go! So now I’m preparing to list the knitting bag on Aika Felt Works Webshop and Etsy shop for you who enjoy cool-looking, lace crocheting in spring and summer, and for you who live in the Southern Hemisphere where autumn is already there. I will post more information on this blog when it’s ready!

And… I hope you are doing well, thank you so, so much, Peggy!
Now the Knitting bag is available on Aika Felt Works Webshop and Etsy Shop!

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