Bag-in-bag of a lunch bag – laminate!

Designing a lunch bag by industrial wool felt is in progress.
In the last post, as a result of testing stain permeation of soy sauce and ketchup in three kinds of stain-resistant clothes, and having referred to the supplier which puts water repellent processing, the permeation of the stain was not avoidable with nylon cloth and cloth with water-repellent process. Only laminated cloth did not permeate the stain.

But there is not many pretty laminated cloth in the market…

Then, I found “IRON-ON VINYL” in the internet!
It’s an American product which you can laminate on your favorite cloth with ironing. It’s sew-able by sewing machine. Though machine washing is not possible, the dirt can be wiped off.


I bought IRON-ON VINYL from the USA! You tear off a seat, put it on cloth, put an iron and it adheres.

At once, I laminated cloth and tested if soy sauce and ketchup permeate into the cloth.


Same as the previous test, I dropped a spoonful of soy sauce on the laminated cloth and pressed with the bottom of a glass. There is the wool felt under the cloth.


It’s wiped off by kitchen towel!


The stain didn’t permeate into the cloth. You can see a stain around the right middle of the cloth where the cloth is not laminated.


Then, I put ketchup and pressed with the bottom of a glass.


This time too, I could wiped off the dirt!


Of course the felt is clean. The other side of the cloth is also clean.


I tried to wash the cloth in warm water. I scrubbed it without caring to get rumpled, then sure enough, it rumpled ;)

It’s better to wash gently by hand.


…. And, don’t you notice one thing?

Yes, if the inside of a felt bag is laminated, it doesn’t need a bag-in-bag any more!!!!!! (ohhhhh noooooo! )

…. So, I laminated a sheet of felt.

….. It worked.
However, wool felt is tangled fiber that I could tear off the laminate using force. But indeed, when I make a bag I will sew 2 sheets of felt together that I think it’s impossible to tear off the laminate from the felt.

So what do I do?

For the time being, I have got lovely clothes from 2 designers which I would love to use as the bag-in-bag, I will show them to you.
Next time, I will tell about the third prototype.

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